Friday, April 15, 2011

Journal 365
Hi, I have joined Pam Carriker's Journal 365 class. She is a fantastic teacher of art journaling. Having started before my eye operation, I only managed a couple of weeks journaling. Looking forward to getting back into it after the eye heals. (trying to type this post is rather painful and very eye watering)

My fear of the proceedure was worse that the actual operation. It was over before I knew it and only a slight feeling of being uncomfortable. All that stress for nothing....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

art journal page

Hands and Heart F r ee tutorial

I have just finished another journal page following Monica's tutorial.
Please  take a look at her site, a huge amount of eye candy for the mixed media artist in us all. She has some wonderful workshops on offer as well.
 http// hopefully I have linked properly....this is my first try at linking.
Monica has featured my photo. Me, my attempt, my journal page, WOW was I blown away and to see the lovely and uplifting comments really gave me a buzz. For someone who was always critisized at school for bad and messy work... I am a left hander.... it was such an unexpected and pleasant surprise.