Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So many classes, so little time

I have been busy having fun. Finished the first week of the Strathmore journal class with Pam Carriker, almost finished day 1 and day 2 from Milliande's January journal prompts and about to view day three's video prompt. These ladies (and others on the web) are wonderful with their help and easy to follow instructions. It is so appreciated by the many that have joined their classes.

All the while struggling to see with my painful eye. I keep ripping the top layers off the eyeball each night and sometimes through the day. I think I must pay the chemist his wages from all the eye drops I use LOL. I am saving for the laser surgery that I require as it is rather expensive because our government in its infinite wisdom, regards the operation as cosmetic surgery???? .... Are they for real. This is my eye I need to see with, not some silly beauty modification chosen from pride. Oh well must get off my soapbox (for now).

I will endeavour to upload my pictures later in the day :-)

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  1. Your classes sound wonderful. Hope your eye heals soon!
    Thank you for stopping by the Zutter Zisters Blog Hop!